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…but our family traditions are changing.  It’s not an easy thing because, as you know, without Tradition, life is precarious as a fiddler on the roof.  Right?  Right.

So, here’s my short spiel. 

We’ve always used a clothes dryer.  It’s a tradition. The Girl’s mama used one, and her mama’s mama before her.  But, now, we now have to shlep the wet laundry from the washing machine out to the clothesline in the backyard.  Why?  Is our dryer broken, you ask?  No.  Are we trying to save some money, maybe?  No.  So, why do we hang the clothes?  It’s because, over the weekend, we saw the film, Fiddler on the Roof, and Girl was charmed off her feet by this scene.

You’re probably wondering if she now wants me to “find her a find, catch her a catch” and select a future husband for her, too.  No.  We’re not changing things like that; just traditions having to do with laundry.  Oy.

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So, Cutest Girl (age 13) is applying for her first-ever summer job.   I think she has a pretty good chance as who in their right mind could resist an application like hers?

Convictions? “None” – with a smiley face.  O.M.G.  How cute is that?

And, for personal references, she listed two of her teachers – and the principal at her school.

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Did you know that HSLDA is having a video ad contest?  I don’t know what they plan to do with the videos or where they hope to air them (Christian TV networks I presume), but you can vote for your favorite video at HSLDA — and/or in my poll below.  :D

1.  Old Time

2.  Same Day

3.  HSLDA Case: 8521

4.  Hope on the Horizon

5.  Homeschoolers Who Lived in a Shoe

6.  HSLDA Scent

7.  Are You Protected?

Of course, while I was over at HSLDA, I accidentally clicked on – and cast a vote for! – entry #1 which features the “mom” who leaves her toddler unattended on the stairs while she’s preoccupied with the social worker.  Oy.

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Interesting.  Just received an email invitation (from a public school) to attend a viewing of Race To Nowhere as a parent.  The film will then be followed by “Break-Out Brainstorming Sessions for Parents, Students, and Teachers to share ways we can help make a difference.”

IMDb summary:

RACE TO NOWHERE is a close-up look at the pressures on today’s students, offering an intimate view of lives packed with activities, leaving little room for down-time or family time. Parents today are expected to raise high-achieving children, who are good at everything: academics, sports, the arts, community-service. The film tackles the tragic side of our often achievement-obsessed culture, with interviews that explore the hidden world of over-burdened schedules, student suicide, academic cheating, young people who have checked out. RACE TO NOWHERE asks the question: Are the young people of today prepared to step fully and productively into their future? We hear from students who feel they are being pushed to the brink, educators who worry students aren’t learning anything substantive, and college professors and business leaders, concerned their incoming employees lack the skills needed to succeed in the business world: passion, creativity, and internal motivation.

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Hat tip to Chris for finding this, um, inspiring video and recommending it for my blog!  Thanks Chris! 

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I just about went insane last year trying to have rational conversations with people about the Operation Christmas Child shoe box program. 

It’s not like I don’t understand the appeal of “reaching out to a child in need” and “teaching our own children to take part in selfless giving.”  If that’s what the Operation Christmas Child shoe box program was really about, I’d support it.  

But it’s not.

And Franklin Graham is remarkably candid about it.  Spend some time at the Samaritan’s Purse website and see for yourself.   

Last season, I spent oodles and oodles of time providing quotes and links, trying to articulate a case against this exploitative organization – but people love to love this program.  Maybe some mistakenly assume that because public schools actively and enthusiastically participate in OCC, the program must be nondiscriminatory and religion neutral.   All I know is that next time the topic comes up, I plan to just link the video testimonies and “thank you letters” from actual shoe box recipients, turn off my computer, and go about my day. 

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Maybe that’s what our homeschool lacked: more interesting field trips!  Not only does Lill know where all the best restaurants are; she’s a brilliant homeschooling mom who knows how to make the most of teachable moments.  (Just don’t tell her that I did her daughter’s field trip report for her.)

LillHawkins.comSex Ed – Coming to a Restaurant Near You

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