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…but our family traditions are changing.  It’s not an easy thing because, as you know, without Tradition, life is precarious as a fiddler on the roof.  Right?  Right.

So, here’s my short spiel. 

We’ve always used a clothes dryer.  It’s a tradition. The Girl’s mama used one, and her mama’s mama before her.  But, now, we now have to shlep the wet laundry from the washing machine out to the clothesline in the backyard.  Why?  Is our dryer broken, you ask?  No.  Are we trying to save some money, maybe?  No.  So, why do we hang the clothes?  It’s because, over the weekend, we saw the film, Fiddler on the Roof, and Girl was charmed off her feet by this scene.

You’re probably wondering if she now wants me to “find her a find, catch her a catch” and select a future husband for her, too.  No.  We’re not changing things like that; just traditions having to do with laundry.  Oy.

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From the “if only they asked me, I coulda told them” file:  A new study says whining is the worst sound in the world.

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We’re so easily excited about changes in the weather in Southern California.  Even simple rain causes most of us to stop what we’re doing to walk to the window, look out with wide eyes and say, “wow.”   So, imagine our excitement lately.  About a week ago, we were enjoying beach weather (in the 90’s °F); last night we were treated to a mini-hailstorm accompanied by thunder (aka “fundar” around our house after Girl, still working on her “th’s,” coined the term years ago). Anyway, look at my mother’s patio.  Look at it and say, “wow.”   <:O

As an excitement chaser, I should have found a church service this morning to hear how our strange weather is a sign that we’re living in the Last Days.

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Blogging versatility

Thanks to Sardine Mama for giving me the ever-so-lovely Versatile Blogger Award.  :D

Of course, awards are conditional;  I’m supposed to come up with seven bits of info about myself that I haven’t shared before. 

1. [uhhh…]

While I scrounge for ideas, I’d like to thank SardineMama for the award and kind words.  :)   Go read her seven factoids  – and leave a comment – because she has done a way better job than I will.  :)

And, consider yourself tagged, if you’re reading this.  :)

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Okay, who’s searching my blog for pictures of “sexy female mermaids without bras”?

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A note to my fellow OC travellers

As I drive around town, I’ve been noticing something new.  You know, it’s one thing to… it’s just that I… oh, nevermind.  How ’bout I just explain what I mean using pictures?



you look like a complete idiot

What are you supposed to be? The Orange County suburbs calvary? On your way to Target for laundry detergent and new socks for the kids??

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What could it mean?

This afternoon, I cut my leg shaving and LOOK!!!

This image has NOT been altered in any way! :O

Clear as the day is long, my cut looks just like a question mark!!  You see it, too, right?  Can you believe it was made from a plastic safety razor?  Yeah, I’d have a hard time believing it, too – except I was there!  And, I’m being totally honest with you!  And, the picture hasn’t been photoshopped or manipulated either!  Not in the least bit!  It’s my first actual brush with the supernatural and I’m SO excited!  …I just wish I knew what it means.

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