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If you remember a previous post of mine, “A Boatload of Nonsense,” you’ll know that I’m not a huge fan of the movie, Evan Almighty. Back in 2007, Girl talked me into seeing it with her and, today, believe it or not, I gave in again. This time the movie was on television. A cool, rainy day; pillows and blankets aplenty; popcorn and drinks. How could I resist?

This time, the part of the movie that struck me most was when Evan, standing before Congress, confesses that it was “God” who told him to build an ark in preparation for a great flood… to which the leading congressman responds,

God? You talk to God?… And God is talking back?… Obviously, the stresses of this office have proven too much for you… Please have the congressman removed.


Wouldn’t that be a sight to see in real life: political points deducted – not added – when candidates talk about their private exchanges with God. In the latest GOP presidential debate (the “Thanksgiving Family Forum”), for instance, the Christian contenders even left their dog whistles at home.  They didn’t need whistles; the candidates were astonishly candid about their intentions should they be elected. And, since the debate was not televised nor viewed online by many, I’m wondering if those who might have been critical of what was said may be unaware that there was even a debate this weekend.

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Just noticed this product while following links tonight.

Noah’s Big Animal Adventure Game – $16.99

noahsgameLearn about the history of the world from the Creation to the Flood, see how Noah built the ark, and learn about God’s mercy toward mankind! This interactive, educational, and fun game board includes a pop up ark and story book.

Children will learn the story of Noah’s ark as they travel around the game board. The first person to meet Noah at the foot of the ark to praise God wins! Based on the biblical account in Genesis, this exciting game is also an educational experience for the whole family, as the story comes alive through beautiful artwork and a faithful version of the story.

The fun board game and storybook emphasize Noah’s obedience to the will of God. Noah has just followed God’s orders to build the ark so that he, his family, and all the animals can survive. Help the animals avoid obstacles and find shortcuts to get to the ark on time!

The game teaches that the story of Noah was a real historical event, that God provided for the occupants of the ark, and that the animals housed in the ark for the Great Flood are the ancestors of animals we see in our world today. This is a fun, memorable way for children to learn the story of Noah and the ark!


Gosh.  Sounds like a fun game, doesn’t it?  Educational, too!  Apparently, a “28-page, illustrated book showing the story of Noah’s Ark” is even included! 

After thinking about it, however, I wonder if the illustrated book provides only cartoony depictions of the story, as is common in products for children of Christians.  That would be a shame because, as the game description states and we all know, the Great Flood was a “Real Historical Event.”  It’s just logical, therefore, that because the spectacular event was carried out in real life – and according to God’s Perfect Plan – the game materials should include realistic depictions. 

I’ll bet they don’t, though.

I’ll bet the pictures look like this.


It’s why I took the liberty of putting together some realistic graphics to go with the game.  To go with the pop-up Ark.  And the story book.  And the cartoony pictures. They’re for fundamentalist Christian parents who want to teach their children full truths, rather than the half ones.





          You’re probably in the mood for a worship song now.

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