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Was I being naïve again?

Recently, I called Michigan’s SB 637 “a wasteful, GOP-crafted distraction.” The proposed law would,


I assumed that the legislation was just another tiresome attempt by Republicans to pander to the Christian Right while stalling efforts by President Obama to grow the economy.  Now I’m wondering if this sudden, out-of-the-blue interest in requiring children to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag every day has anything to do with the new flag:  The Cross Spangled Banner, which “contributes to the course of history and can help bring salvation to millions.”

Obviously the flag is garish (resembling something that I’d whip up in photoshop as a joke, frankly); there’s no doubt that dragging this thing into the classroom would be unconstitutional; but, given the unfathomable hubris of Christian Nationalists, who knows how it’ll be used.  We do know that “the idea for the flag was motivated by 2 Chronicles 7:14,”

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

To read more, see Christian Post: ‘Cross Spangled Banner’ to Reawaken Forgotten Virtues of America.

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As you know, Jesus said,

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be aborn of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God (John 3:5).

Did you know that those clever Mormons have found a way around this requirement? It’s true. Just ask George Carlin.  He was baptized, confirmed and initiated as a Mormon in 2010, two years after his death.

George Carlin

According to the teachings of Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church,

(God) has made it possible for members of the Church to help people who were not baptized when they lived on the earth. We can do for these people what they cannot do for themselves.

But, I would guess that if George had wanted to be a Mormon, he would have said so during his life; on the up-side, as a dead Mormon man, he gets very own planet to populate (Fife 103) – and how cool is that?

I found this story (and others) at Famous Dead Mormons — as well as this comment left by George Carlin’s brother, Patrick.

I am George’s older brother, Patrick and I am laughing my ass off.  George would have loved this whole scene.  Religious screwballs (excuse the redundancy) have kept us Carlins laughing for a long, long time.

Down in DC for George’s Mark Twain Prize.  I was in a limo with my son Dennis and my niece, Kelly.  We saw a bunch of christians demonstrating and shouting “George Carlin is in hell.”  We laughed and Kelly said, “Dad would be so proud.”

This Baptism for the dead is equally absurd.  Right up there with throwing virgins into volcanoes.  Religion, when you just don’t want to use your brain.

Patrick Carlin

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David Brody of Christian Broadcasting Network isn’t happy about President Obama’s announcement last night about the death of Osama bin Laden

…how about a smile? How about showing a little joy? How about a word or two saying something about how this is no doubt a happy or joyous occasion for Americans? We got nothing like that at all.

Mr. Brody has it all figured out though.

It’s because his speech wasn’t so much aimed at Americans. He was being careful of how the “Arab Street” would interpret his remarks. Any hint of gloating or happiness might be rubbing it in the face of some of the crazies in the Arab World and heaven forbid we get them upset! How dare we Americans look like we’re celebrating his death! The travesty of it all! Give me a break.

Wow.  WWJD?  Par-tay, apparently.

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The cowardly Bryan Fischer at American Family Association is at it again.

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Did you know that HSLDA is having a video ad contest?  I don’t know what they plan to do with the videos or where they hope to air them (Christian TV networks I presume), but you can vote for your favorite video at HSLDA — and/or in my poll below.  :D

1.  Old Time

2.  Same Day

3.  HSLDA Case: 8521

4.  Hope on the Horizon

5.  Homeschoolers Who Lived in a Shoe

6.  HSLDA Scent

7.  Are You Protected?

Of course, while I was over at HSLDA, I accidentally clicked on – and cast a vote for! – entry #1 which features the “mom” who leaves her toddler unattended on the stairs while she’s preoccupied with the social worker.  Oy.

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