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McRibs will put a spring in your step

Have you heard?  The McDonald’s McRib is McBack!

McDonald’s Corp. announced Monday that the boneless barbecue pork sandwich, usually available in only a few stores at a time, will be sold at all U.S. locations through Nov. 14.


I first read the news in a family member’s urgent email dispatch to me this morning.  I knew something big was up as soon as I spotted the subject line:

Hooray !!!!


Hurry!  Try McDonald’s “best sandwich” before they stop making them again !!!!

I hadn’t planned on taking the advice, but Bravest Girl was hungry this afternoon and talked me into buying one for her.  Well, go figure, she actually liked the way it tasted.  She even let me try a bite.

Well, okay, the sauce is pretty good, but the meat…  I don’t know.

A moment later, I looked over at her and noticed that she had stopped eating; she had changed her mind about the meat, which had “started to taste gross.”

Yeah, I know.  What was it about the meat?  What was wrong with it?  I’m not sure.  It tasted… … …

(we paused, thought about it for a minute, then blurted out the same odd word in unison),


Yep.  So, there you are.  The next time you’re looking for a “bouncy” piece of meat, slathered with barbeque sauce, sandwiched in a soft white roll, you’ll know where to go!

Hurry though!  McRibs are only around through November 14th!

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